Hearty Harvests

Hearty Harvests gathered from serendipitous skipping across the Blogosphere

A somewhat different critter from regular websites, blogs are either offshoots featuring the writings of their owners, or the blogs are free-standing entities of more personal offerings. Blogs often defy definition, as they are as varied as the personalities and objectives of their creators. Therein lies the wonderment of the Blogosphere. Listed in no particular order, here are blogs I’ve come across by following breadcrumb-trails. I’ve delighted in their discovery and invite you to skip down these roads, yellow brick and otherwise:

Tracy Latz, M.D. is an Integrative Psychiatrist & Medical Intuitive and Marion Ross, Ph.D. is a Transpersonal Psychologist & Holistic Healer. They are both best-selling authors and seminar leaders. Their two blogs are filled with helpful insights and YouTube Healing videos: Shift Your Life and Shift For Women


Hank Wesselman, Ph.D., anthropologist/shamanic practitioner, shares his wisdom and adventures: Hank’s Blogum


Andrew Chaikin is a science journalist, author and passionately fun speaker. As an internationally renowned authority, Andrew blogs about past and current space exploration.


Robert Lew, haiku poetry of the “Existential Poet” and links to his other blogs.

Jason Scot Patrick’s moving poetry and links to his other blogs, including his e-book.


Paul James Zack shares The Confirmation, a poem by cowboy poet Casey Becket, the hero of Paul’s wonderful novel.



  1. You have been a constant source of humor, nurturing, elder wisdom, herbalistic information, and though we have not met in person, I feel as if we are old old friends with young young minds.


    • Thank you, Steve, for your kind words and for the dance across time. 😉


  2. Many thanks for your mention! We are delighted to be recognized by you and will be very happy to share content with your readers.
    Kind Regards,
    Marion Ross

    “Giving you the keys to shift your life”


    • You’re so welcome, Dr. Ross–it’s my pleasure. Many thanks to you and Dr. Latz for the service you are providing. I absolutely love your chakra healing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7szlFNgMrQE I get delicious tingles every time I listen to it and always feel good afterward. Many blessings to both of you. Michelle


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