EnLightening Links

How Many Links Are There On The Internet?

Because no one person or company is in charge of it, no one really knows. A Google search only turns up some clues. As of December 30, 2009, it was estimated there were over 235 million websites! As I write this, that number grew. There’s at least one link to each website, and then there are links to various pages and other sites on each one. Some sites, like those of newspapers, magazines, and technology companies have anywhere from a couple of hundred to over a thousand links embedded in them. Then add to that, the over 300 million blogs rippling across the Blogosphere with all of their links. So, please allow me to speculate and make a grand guesstimate: there are well over a billion links!

And, I’m about to increase that number by giving you links to links. Everyone has their personal favorites. On the following pages, I’ve listed some of mine and invite you to explore them —  I’ll be adding more as time permits. I’ve broken them down into somewhat loose categories, just for the sake of organization. Simply click on whatever interests you to see the smorgasbord:

Hearty Harvests gathered from serendipitous skipping across the Blogosphere — check out other blogs I’ve found delightful and interesting

Intriguing Intersections: explore research at the crossroads where Science and Spirit connect

Meaningful Media: Uplifting voices — listen on-line to interviews with people bringing positive ideas and practical wisdom to improve our world and lives

Mostly Metaphysical: delve into the spiritual side of our life in our Universe, explore different ways to gather information and enjoy ancient wisdom with practical applications in our modern world

Relished Reads: Books I know and still love…and highly recommend

Straight Science: review research into various fields of  science and glean information you can use in your daily life

Technology Tips: information to help provide security for your computer and e-mailing, software program recommendations and helpful hints for navigating the Technology Turnpike


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