Posted by: Michelle UluOla | September 22, 2013

Her Long Good-bye

Summer's shadow in her long good-bye

Summer’s shadow in her long good-bye

Her Long Good-bye

Not yet ready to heave her final sigh,
Summer’s lingering in her long good-bye…
Hummingbirds continue to zoom and zip,
Visiting feeders for sip after sip.
Despite chilly nights they don’t want to go
Off on their long flight south to Mexico.
Tree frogs and crickets still sing their song,
While annual flowers do a stretch and yawn.
Perennials sputtering with their hold out blooms,
Prepare to retreat to their winter rooms.
Then just-in-time rains made the trees think twice
’Bout dropping leaves to be covered by ice.
The waning Full Moon casts a ghostly glow,
Shadowing the changing landscape below.
Later to rise now, each morning Ol’ Sol
Shows new proof of the arrival of Fall.

Nothing can stop the heavens’ progression,
And the equator’s crossing by our Sun.
Life clings to Life not wanting to release
Or surrender itself to beckoning peace.
Then memories stored deep in the D-N-A
Remind Life there will come another day,
When after a rest on the other side,
It will circle back for a different ride.
As Above, so Below—the cycle goes,
Now the once open door begins to close.
Time to leave this matured season behind,
Yield to the change, take a break and unwind.
With Equinox we bid a fond adieu,
Knowing what’s old will once again be new,
As Energy and Matter do their dance
Across a Universe fueled by romance.

Happy Autumnal Equinox

 ******©UluOla 2013******

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  1. Beautiful, peaceful, hopeful……wonderful to read.
    Such a gift you have!
    Thank you


    • Thank you, Maureen, for your kind words–glad you enjoyed it!


  2. What a wonderful song you gift us with *^* I love the beauty you gift us with through your words and visions ~ ❤ ~ Thank you dear SiStar ** Aloha Nui


    • Aloha Suli! Mahalo nui loa for your sweet comments–so glad you enjoyed my words. Love and (((HUGS))) to you Dear One.


  3. Absolutely beautiful Michelle! Echos everything I’ve been dwelling on today… Not hummingbirds here, but swallows and housemartins. I saw 20 just now and waved them farewell 🙂 I’ve been out in the garden trimming the buddlea – saving the few blooms still out for the last of the butterflies. Bright blessings my friend this Autumn Equinox, and many thanks for such a lovely poem to gently bring in the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness. 🙂


    • Thank you, dear Mya, for your lovely comments and blessings–you made my day! Love and (((HUGS))) from across the pond to you! 😉


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