Posted by: Michelle UluOla | August 31, 2012

Blue Moon of 2012

Blue Orb dazzles over Full Moon

A Blue Orb, upper right, competes for attention with the Full Moon, lower left.

Many of us born in July, which in astrological terms, is ruled by the Moon, have an affinity with that orb beyond what other signs might feel. So, my lunar allegiance calls for an acknowledgement of today’s astronomical event.

Our second Full Moon of the month, on August 31, 2012, is commonly referred to as a “Blue Moon,” something that only happens every two to three years. The next one will occur on July 31, 2015. A bit more rare, there will be two Blue Moons in 2018–on January and March 31 (when February doesn’t have a full moon).

Be it first, second or only; white, orange or blue; a Full Moon is always beautiful and captures the imagination and heart of poets and lovers.


Blue Dreamer Rises

A drop of sunshine dripped through
Pinhole in the bedroom shade–
A golden slash of flash
Cut the sheet like a blade.

Keeping her eyes tightly closed,
She ignored the glare of day,
Waiting for the intrusion
To once again move away.

Blessed slumber returning,
She escaped into her dreams.
Fantasy life feels better,
Than her real life ever seems.

The shade aligns yet again,
With a heavenly orb’s light,
But this time, a silver beam
Comes glittering into sight.

She heeds the call and rises
As Night Owls are wont to do,
Celebrating this rare time:
The Full Moon has turned to Blue.

Blue Orb impersonates Blue Moon

A large Blue Orb, upper left, impersonates a Full Blue Moon.

If you’re interested in the history of how the appellation of Blue Moon came about, there are explanations and photos on these sites:

EarthSky has some beautiful moon shots using a blue filter.

See FAQs about the Blue Moon from The Astronomy Cafe.

And for astrological insights on this particular Blue Moon, visit the School of Shamanism.

******©UluOla 2012******



  1. Really enjoyed the poem and pictures! Thank you


    • So glad you enjoyed my latest offering–thanks for letting me know!


  2. Michelle, You are an amazing woman, thanks so very much for sharing your gifts!!


    • Aw…gee…shucks……thank you, Rita–I’ve always felt the same way about you! (((HUGS)))


  3. Beautiful, Thank you Michelle for your beautiful gifts, and sharing with us. Have a beautiful Blessed holiday weekend.


    • You’re welcome, Star. And thank you for your kind words and blessing–may it circle back around to you, multiplied!


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