Posted by: Michelle UluOla | November 13, 2011

It’s a Pair-a-Ducks!

It's A Pair-a-Ducks

It's a Pair-a-Ducks!

Calvin and Hobbs creator, Bill Watterson said, “Sometimes I lie awake at night and ask, ‘Where have I gone wrong?’ Then a voice says to me, ‘This is going to take more than one night.’”

I know the feeling, and that’s often the same night when odd questions begin to cross my mind as I dodge the answers to that first one:

If ignorance is bliss, I must be very blissful. But if I’m ignorant, how would I know that?

If everything they say is true, how come there are so many of them contradicting each other?

If common sense is so common, how come so many people fail to use it?

If someone is penny-wise and pound-foolish, what are they when they convert to metrics?

If curiosity killed the cat, should it have let sleeping dogs lie?

If something is a far cry, is something else a short laugh?

If a man is all thumbs, how does he know which rule of thumb to measure with?

And, if water always runs downhill, how’d it get up there in the first place?

You see my conundrum: how can I sleep when there are so many pressing questions to answer?

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  1. If these were two ducks gambling at the craps table, it would be a Pair-a-Ducks in Pair-a-Dice……… Great post!


    • LOL! Thanks, my witty friend, for the laugh and the compliment! 😉


  2. Good post minus the name of the author of Calvin and Hobbs, unless you’re thinking of Charlie Brown…Calvin’s daddy is Bill Watterson, 1958 birthdate.
    Charles Shultz, of course,died several years ago…xxx Mary


    • Thank you so much, Mary, for pointing that out!! Of course, you’re right, and I did know and mean to write “Bill Watterson,” especially since Calvin and Hobbs was my favorite cartoon strip–the snowmen series was beyond a hoot. So, I’m embarrassed to have spaced out on that. However, I guess that further validates the pitfalls of lack-o-sleep, since I’d been up +24 hours when I hit “publish”–hey, it’s not easy being a Night Owl! %-) Now I have another question to ponder: how can I be up all night AND all day? (((HUGS))) to you!


  3. Wonderful! Like Carlin anew. So smooth and pleasant. I really enjoy the way you write. Lovely!!!!!


    • Oh my goodness, Susan…complimenting me in the same breath with the great George Carlin? You have me blushing! Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m elated that you enjoy my writing! 😀


  4. Great blog. I loved those thoughts. Original too.


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