Posted by: Michelle UluOla | June 19, 2011

Summer Loves

Like everyone else around the world, we here in Southwest Wisconsin have also been experiencing unusual, and sometimes, extreme weather patterns. After a long, cold, snowy winter, we had a much colder and wetter than average spring, making it feel like we were cheated out of that season. Then suddenly the beginning of June, without benefit of acclimation, temperatures soared 25 degrees above normal to almost 100F for several days, causing the biomass to explode—do not pass Spring—go directly to Summer! And then, the thermometer began roller coasting, dipping too low and climbing too high. When the month is over, the final statistics are apt to average out to deceptively near normal for this area, but those numbers never reflect field conditions! However, despite Mother Nature’s fickleness, thankfully, one thing still endures: Love.

In celebration of the arrival of Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere on Tuesday (June 21 at 12:16 p.m. CDT), here is a poem reflecting Nature’s love matches—perhaps we can take some cues from her.

Summer Solstice Sun

Greeting Ol' Sol in all his Summer Solstice glory

Summer Loves

Oh, how Winter felt never-ending,
Was slow to let loose his hold,
The Vernal Equinox passed,
Yet barely suppressed his cold.

But Ol’ Sol’s been rising earlier
With each passing day of Spring,
Dallying a wee bit later,
Increasing the warmth he’d bring.

Even though his face has been hidden
By clouds and the falling rain,
Incrementally he works
To bring Summer just the same.

Now at his peak, the Sun shines brightly,
Pushing back the dark of night.
His longest day of our year
Shortens shadows with his light.

The landscape has greened with its new life,
Stretching to grow in his rays,
Responding to his calling
Of longer and longer days.

The dewdrops glisten kisses atop
Every bud and blade of green,
Love spreading at every turn
Of this sultry Summer scene.

While Robins tweet in the dawn and dusk,
Other birds sing their favorite tune,
Frogs hum along hoping they too
Will find their true love in June.

With their acrobatic aerial flights,
The hummingbirds flash and tease.
Monarchs make their rendezvous
With awaiting milkweed leaves.

Fireflies twinkling above the lawn
S-O-S their blinking lights,
Signaling for that special one
To join their nocturnal flights.

The crickets chirping a serenade,
Encourage the mating dance:
“Come to me and you will see
That it’s time to take a chance.”

Daturas scenting the evening air,
Sirens’ come hither perfume,
Tempting the sphinx moth to come
Sip the nectar from their bloom.

Magical Orbs float in the twilight,
To the thrill of those who know,
And with cameras’ click, capture
Their interdimensional glow.

Waning crescent Moon still rides the sky,
Casting a romantic glow.
Shooting stars drip through the night,
Granting wishes to those below.

As Venus sparkles her knowing smile
Lighting passion in the air,
Gallant knights comb the kingdom
Searching for their maidens fair.

Summer Solstice has arrived again,
As Spring slips away once more.
Nature dons a lush new dress,
And beckons us through her door.

Her gown is emerald-green and white,
And roses adorn her hair.
She sweeps across hill and vale
While lilies perfume the air.

Winking and smiling, she curtsies low,
Inviting us all to join in…
Waving her wand she announces now,
“Let Summer Loves begin!”

Happy Solstice!

Orbs gather just before sunset

Orbs gathering just before sunset

062111 Orbs at twilight

Orbs at twilight

Orbs dance after dark

Orbs dance after dark

******©UluOla 2011******



  1. Yes not to think of it as…working our way back to winter but rather am trying to enjoy the warmth, the lightening bugs and everything SUMMER. Just seems the best time of year to me . Knowing it will not last makes it more savorful! Really amazing how the world turns and one cannot stop it Thank you for ALL your thoughts and writings love Dulcie


    • Thank you for your wise comments, Dulcie, and kind words. Yes indeed…’tis the best time of year. Blessings of Love and Light with hugs to you!


  2. How wonderful and thank you! Interesting about childhood memories…… for me the light
    was on all night until Labor Day and school started!


    • You’re welcome! I’ve come to the conclusion that all of our memories can’t be wrong, but rather, during the innocence of our childhood and not knowing any different, we did in fact manifest daylight long into the evening. Perhaps we need to re-remember how we did that? ;-))


  3. Thank you for the wonderful poetic entree into summer. I love June 21st…and await it all year. I must, though, forget about the length of the days after the solstice!


    • You’re welcome, Janine…glad you enjoyed it. But alas! Like you, I love Summer Solstice, but it is bittersweet, knowing from thence on, the day lengths will get shorter and shorter. How deceiving childhood memories are, eh? I coulda sworn we played outside all summer long in daylight lasting well past 9 p.m. But of course, that’s “scientifically” impossible, as by the beginning of August, our nights come much sooner than those memories. Perhaps in our youth, our innocent magic combined with Tinkerbell’s did make it possible…


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