Posted by: Michelle UluOla | March 19, 2011

Fueling The Action Of Creation

“Let the sun shine in, open up your heart and let it shine on in.”
— James Rado, Gerome Ragni and Galt MacDermot

Sun shining

Celebrating Vernal Equinox

For anyone who hadn’t been connecting the dots over the past few years, observing world events this winter, and especially during the last several weeks, should have removed any doubt: there is a major Shift happening on every level. People everywhere are demanding their human rights and equality. Entrenched institutions and governments are crumbling in parallel with the severe storms, volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis altering the surface of the earth. Destruction caused both by human beings and nature has changed lives, or in many instances, taken them. We, along with our planet, have literally been knocked off kilter. While citizens in areas of Chile, Australia and New Zealand in the Southern Hemisphere have also suffered through extreme devastation, wars, political upheavals and natural disasters across the Northern Hemisphere call to mind the title of John Steinbeck’s 1961 novel, as this has surely been The Winter Of Our Discontent.

While of little consolation during the height of a crisis, in its wake, it’s important to keep in mind that destruction always precedes construction. Of course, we hope that the process yields a positive outcome. It’s impossible to create anything new without destroying something else first: crack open an egg to cook for breakfast; chop veggies for a stir-fry dinner; recycle plastic bottles to produce fabric; cut down a tree for crafting wood furniture; pulverize rock to make concrete; and oust a dictator to replace tyranny with democracy. The same holds true from the micro to the macro: smashing together atoms of two existing elements produces a new element; digestion converts food to fuel bodily processes; a volcano erupts, spewing lava and ash to form new land; stars go supernova in a stellar explosion, creating new stars, solar systems and planets.

When I posted my last blog, Riding The Wave of Evolving Consciousness, I’m sure there were those muttering under their breath, “we can’t just think, meditate or pray our way out of this proverbial handbasket we seem to be lurching around in!” Yes, action is required, but they missed the point. Creating anything new, including a better world to live in, begins with a feeling, then a thought that’s put into words to form a plan, which is then put into action. For beneficial creations, the feelings and thoughts preceding them must be positive—fear and anger need to be replaced with hope and love.

Residents of the Northern Hemisphere are preparing to celebrate the official arrival of spring on the Vernal Equinox when there is a balance of equal hours of day and night. Where I live, that occurs on Sunday, March 20, 2011 at 6:21 p.m. CDT. From then until Summer Solstice in June, day length increases, with Light outshining the darkness. Here are some thoughts about how to optimize that gift and foster the creation of a New World:

Fueling The Action of Creation

Daylight has lengthened measurably
Since the dark night of Winter Solstice.
The Old Man’s snows segued to rain,
Thawing the frozen landscape.
The Northern Hemisphere tilts
Toward rebirth once again,
As we, on our Pale Blue Dot,
Move along our seasonal ring.
Bella Luna now in her fullness,
Beams in welcoming preparation
For her counterpart’s
Much anticipated arrival.

In the predawn mists,
Robins alert us to the pending rise.
As the sky grows brighter,
Chickadees chatter the signal, and the
Cardinals sing in the dawn.
Mourning doves coo in agreement.
With us, they’ve all been waiting
For this singular time.
Ol’ Sol touches us with his golden wand,
Giving his blessing of renewal.
As the Vernal Equinox arrives,
The Celestial Clock chimes Spring.

It’s time to re-connect with Mother Nature:

Using our Bodies to…
Hear the sounds of awakening,
Breathe in the fragrance of the new season,
Taste the dew on the morning air,
Feel the warm touch of the Sun rekindle our cells,
Observe the emerging beauty everywhere
As the biomass grows with the light.

Using our Minds to…
Celebrate the opportunity for a fresh start.
Acknowledge, with gratitude,
The wondrous world that sustains us,
And Life springing forth in abundance.
Plan our gardens and
Decide what we want to manifest.

Using our Spirit to…
Listen to the Voice within.
Focus on our connections,
Visible and invisible,
To all and everything –
And thus, we draw vital Energy from
The Source and replenish our essence.

Nurturing our bodies, minds and spirits,
We ground and center ourselves
And foster Health and Well-Being,
Personal Balance, Harmony,
Higher Spiritual Vibrations,
Peace, Love and Unity…
So all that can ripple forth from us,
Assisting others and Mother Earth,
To experience the same.
Transforming the chaos of destruction,
Our feelings and thoughts birth words and plans
That fuel the Action of Creation once again.


*Amama is the (pre-Christian) Hawaiian word meaning “finished, or it is finished” usually used at the end of a prayer in much the same way as other people use Amen. I use it here to further covey “it is so; so be it” as used after a prayer, creed or other formal statement to express solemn ratification or “that is true, I agree.” I also appreciate the nurturing feminine feel of it during this time of rebirth.

******©UluOla 2011******



  1. Thank you for your wonderful spring greeting!


  2. We know that the Mayans were far further forward in their understanding of the inhabitants and this planet’s evolution that any race thus far was, has been, or is.

    The process of 2012 is unfolding, and has been unfolding for quite a while – to anyone who takes the time to notice. We are fortunate that the Mayans cared enough to share our future with us. But are we smart enough to heed their message, or will we find out too late that they DID know after all?

    Our planet itself is showing us that major change is upon us – can we take the time to heed its voice?

    “Creating anything new, including a better world to live in, begins with a feeling, then a thought that’s put into words to form a plan, which is then put into action. For beneficial creations, the feelings and thoughts preceding them must be positive—fear and anger need to be replaced with hope and love.”

    From your fingertips to all out there on our ‘world wide web’. One person to start the change, another person to carry it forward, and many more to continue – your ’60 message continues. 🙂 “Live long and prosper” M – bless you.


    • Thank you dear Dani for your insightful comments, pertinent questions, support and blessings! It’s so good to be connected in kindred spirit friendship with you from one end of the planet to the other, each working to assist all! And in the tradition of Mr. Spock and the other Vulcans, I respond with, “Peace and Long Life to You!” 😉 (((HUGS)))


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