Posted by: Michelle UluOla | October 30, 2010

Visions of Halloween


Photo used by permission of ©Judy Marshall 2010

Photo used by permission of ©Judy Marshall 2010 -- An orange orb joins the Halloween party

Visions of Halloween

Evening falls an inky black,
Then stars wink on along the Milky track.
A lone cloud scudding past the moon,
Like the shadow of a witch astride her broom.
Ghost plants tumbleweed across the lawn
The tree hollow gapes with a ghoulish yawn.
An owl demands to know “Who’s there?”
But no one dares to meet his stare.
Orange faces glow at every turn,
Flickering eerily as their candles burn.
Corn shocks rattle bones of gardens past,
While dried leaves hurry ‘long the curbside fast.
Summer’s spirit rides out on Autumn’s breath,
And shivers of Winter confirm her death.
Conjured visions float across this scene,
Time to wish you all: “Happy Halloween!”

©Michelle UluOla 2010


Blue energy-plasma swirling in through the thin veil

Blue energy-plasma swirling in through the thin veil -- ©Michelle UluOla 2010

Reconnective Frequency energy

Doin' the Hand Jive with Reconnective Frequencies -- ©Michelle UluOla 2010

A Rite of Passage

Angry clouds sweep past a silver moon,
The night shivers with an air of doom,
Branches tap on the windowpane,
A lonely dog howls down the lane.
Leaves try to hurry across the street,
But are crushed instead by passing feet.
Murmuring and whispering low,
Where do these ghoulish figures go?
The old haunted house awaits them there…
Why did they ever accept that dare?
It’s said a witch owns that home.
Did you just hear that scary moan?!
They hesitate on the bottom step,
Not sure they want to collect the bet.
Should they just turn and run away?
But then, what would their friends all say?
They take a deep breath and ring the bell,
Sure in their hearts they’re condemned to hell!
A light snaps on, and they all gasp!!
“Oh, Trick or Treat?” the lady asks.

©Michelle UluOla 2010



In Loving Memory of mini-panther, FouPaws, The feral-snuggler who haunts Halloween -- ©Michelle UluOla 2010

Just A Passing Shadow?

All Hallows Eve
Is the domain
Of the spirits
That wont be tamed.
“Who me?” is asked
By the wise owl,
As the coyote
Lets loose his howl.
The air is filled
With flying bats,
And field mice hide
From prowling cats.
Shadow passing,
The veil is thin,
So just perhaps…
A glimpse of him?

©Michelle UluOla 2010

[In case you’re wondering, no, the photos above were not Photoshopped or manipulated in any way other than being re-sized. And there was no smoke, mist or fog in the area when they were taken. The contents of this entire column are copyrighted and may not be used without permission. Thank you!]



  1. Thank you for this “Special Samhain Treat” Michelle….!


  2. LOVE these poems Michelle!
    I’m all excited for All Hallows now 😉
    Brightest blessings to you this Samhuinn!
    Mya xx


    • Thank you, Mya, for your blessings…I’m so glad you enjoyed the poems. Blessings circling back around to you. M…ooo


  3. This is so awesome Michelle !! A woman of many talents you are !!!


  4. You are amazing Michelle.


    • Thank you for your kind words, Rita! You’re very amazing yourself! 😉


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